Health Benefits Purchasing Program

Taking back control from the Insurance Markets for pricing, design, and renewals.


Ridge Health Solutions presents a transparent employer-centric market where employers can finally take back control, from their own purchasing pool, and succeed in delivering Fortune 100 benefits to small and mid-sized employers who make up the bulk of the U.S. economy.

Ridge Health Solutions is a composite rated, level-funded product distributed through multiple employer groups.  These groups include entities like professional employment organizations, associations, chambers of commerce, and more. 

  • There is no upfront cost to join Ridge Health Solutions. 
  • We are not an insurance company. 

We are an employer-centric buyer's club, built to help employers succeed with level-funding, and break free of insurance companies.  Our business is not finding groups to join, our business is allowing groups to join.


Services included in our Turn-key solution:

- Online and perpetual enrollment - Eligibility maintenance
- Online Application Portal - Administration for Medical and Rx
- Summary of benefits and coverage preparation - Plan documentation preparation services
- COBRA/HIPAA/HRA/FSA administration - Monthly claims reporting
- Case management - Consolidated billing
- Vendor payment remittance - Commission administration
- Aggregate Accommodation - Call Center


Complete our Questionnaire to start the process of teaming up with Ridge Health or send us an email at with any questions.