Benefits Risk Management

We help you manage plan risk, optimize performance and maintain compliance.

Plan performance is a fundamental factor in the success of your benefit offerings. Managing risk requires a continuous process that is monitored and analyzed for optimum performance. You need to know:

  • Is client pricing properly balanced?
  • What happens if I add new clients?
  • Did new enrollment match expectations?
  • How did actual claims and premiums perform vs. what was expected?

Analyzing your plan’s performance is a key part of the services we provide. Using your company’s claim experience, we’ll design a plan based on your specific needs. Our integrated plan-performance reporting and predictive modeling reports will then be used to monitor plan performance and identify opportunities and risks.

Our comprehensive services include:

Entry Risk Assessment

  • Risk evaluation and pricing

Post Enrollment Audit

  • Confirmation of entry risk assessment

Renewal Risk Assessment

  • Risk stratification, predictive modeling and emerging conditions

Renewal Analytics

  • Risk profiles and premium adequacy for subgroups


  • Objective, third-party analysis
  • Independent actuarial attestation
  • Actuarially certified IBNR calculations and rate setting

Our experienced consultants will work with your PEO to design a risk management strategy to optimize your plans’ performance.