Online Tools

When it comes to offering benefits, quickly evaluating prospects is critical to sales.  However, risk assessment is challenging, and mistakes can be costly. To be profitable, you must price correctly while controlling your processes and information.

Compass Consulting offers secure, online tools to capture all the details needed to properly evaluate your prospects. This customizable system is tailored to meet your PEO’s specific needs. With our expert guidance, we work with you to set the business rules needed to help grow enrollment while ensuring premiums cover the risk. Our streamlined system allows you to:

  • Easily upload and store census data
  • Select which plans to offer from your stored master plan information
  • Run benefit-parity comparisons
  • Determine premiums using our compliant actuarial tools
  • Save, review and edit past risk assessments
  • Automated employer contribution modeling
  • Securely access from our compliant, online site

Our state-of-the-art system gives you the speed and compliance you need while taking the guesswork out of pricing.